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Dee and James Engagement at Hemisphere Park

When asked to take engagement pictures for my friends Dee and James, I was ecstatic. Sure thing guys. I’ve been doing Pathfinder [a popular pen and paper roleplaying game] with them for years and you can really see their playfulness really shine though in the pictures.  Dee has a great…

Friday at Josabi’s

Some pictures from comedy night over at Josabi’s back in July. A definitive blue comedy show that the audience and myself thoroughly enjoyed. It can be hard to take pictures when you’re laughing and focusing at the same time.

PAX 2016 say hi to PAX 2010

A couple favorites from my PAX 2010 album. I’m looking forward to the second PAX South this weekend downtown at the Henry B Gonzales Convention Center. And I’ve got a special shout out to my buddies at Geekdom and Rick Stemm’s new game Heroes Must Die. See y’all at the…

Bye David Bowie

Thank you David Bowie for all the great music and rocking the Goblin King in Labyrinth. I think Hollywood made some other movies during the 1980s but none ever captured my imagination like Jim Henson’s classic Labyrinth. All night All night was a young American…

Meet Argv, our resident studio cat

Every studio can use a studio cat. Most days Argv is sleeping by the downstairs window seat and is pretty tame when it comes to visitors. She sheds cat hair everywhere and will get noisy when meowing for lunch or dinner but we have a loving love-hate realtionship.

Christmas Eve

Just a brief Christmas eve well wishing. Y’all have a great holidays!